Gym management and design

Transfit Sports Services core strengths lie in their ability to listen to your needs and turn them into something truly exceptional. We are forward-thinker. We are innovative. We are the experts. We want your clientele to relish a visit to your facilities – to see it as an uplifting experience for mind and body. A collaboration with Transfit Sports Services will put you in the strongest position to make that happen.

Transfit Sports Services manages and maintains your gym in a way that maximizes the effectiveness of your existing resources and increases your revenue. No matter whether your facilities form part of a hotel health club or a residential complex, they are large or small, we can provide a gym management and maintenance structure that works for you and your needs.

We work towards combining our and yours strength to form a formidable partnership. We’ll assess your gym facilities and practices from top to bottom and understand how you work and what you want to achieve. We’ll then suggest you the best strategy so your gym facilities can grow and improve dramatically as we unlock, develop and enhance your core potential, leaving you in the right hands for now and future.

Your success is important to us. We can audit your gym equipment and recommend what to keep, what to add and what to replace it with. We can provide the most professional and inspirational personal trainers to invigorate and encourage your clients while working with them to establish personal fitness goals and targets. We can develop and implement classes and courses to grow and improve your membership base and keep them coming back for more.

And that’s just the beginning. Take a look at what our gym management and maintenance solutions can do for you.

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Time for corporate wellness to focus on what matters

Wellness plans have become table stakes for companies who want to attract and retain employees and promote healthy choices. Within this movement, a deeper trend fully took root in 2016: “total well-being.”

Not only are companies realizing their people are their greatest asset, but an employee who is fully well (not just physically healthy) can yield massive returns on investment in productivity and in the impact on fellow team members. While rooted in traditional health care benefits, the focus goes beyond physical health to help employees become more resilient, define their life purpose and elevate their overall performance.

After eight years in corporate wellness, this shift is proof wellness is maturing as an industry. But in this process, it is essential that improved physical health remain a foundational measurement of success. A focus on total well-being does not shield us from demonstrating a measurable return on investment when it comes to employee health, especially when rising costs are still a major concern.

We don’t know a lot about what the future of health care looks like under the new presidential administration, but we expect Donald Trump to favor more of the performance metrics we’ve seen recently. Court rulings on wellness lawsuits, proposed legislation and updates to wellness regulations in 2016 all indicate that the bipartisan support for corporate wellness is likely to bring it to the forefront as a strategy for driving down health care costs.

This will bring corporate wellness on a collision course with the data-driven ratings in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements and the dawn of outcomes-focused entities like accountable care organizations. If providers and payers are being held accountable to focus on prevention, quality and controlling costs, it’s only a matter of time before individuals and the companies they work for are encouraged to do the same.

The challenge facing the wellness industry (and those companies invested in wellness) as we move forward is that we have a responsibility to demonstrate improved health. A shift to include more holistic elements such as financial wellness, sleep programs, stress management and career counselling is necessary to support individuals on their journey. However, health care costs are a serious risk for the economy and a focus on well-being cannot afford to separate its impact from measurable physical health improvement.

Companies need to take a critical look at their wellness initiatives and determine what they value most and whether they are seeing measurable progress. Results matter. And we should all ask ourselves, “If people aren’t getting healthier physically … can they really be well?” The future of wellness (and health care for that matter) may depend on how we answer.

Mohit Gupta, Age-28 years

These before & after pictures are after accident as I mentioned in my profile that I met with a bike accident on 13th july 2014.

After 6 months of rest and physiotherapy, I started my workout from scratch with very lite weights and gradually gained the strength and physique again. It was not easy to recover from major surgery but if you are dedicated and focused for your goals nothing can stop you. This was something I achieved within 6 months of gradual training and balanced diet.

I actually posted my transformation picture to show people that first you need to know & understand how to transform your own body before transforming others. If you can’t change yourself then i am sure you can’t change your clients.

If you would like to experience the drastic transformation in shortest time while learning excellent training techniques and balanced diet tips, you can contact me to book your training slot.

Raza khan, Age-34 years

It was unbelievable journey with my trainer mohit gupta, where I joined him at 135kg and in a very short span of time i reduced 30kg in 2 months and turned down to 105kg with very strict regular exercises and balanced diet guidance. Which keeps me with him for life long duration so I can maintain my fitness level and keep on improving and reach my fitness goals.

I will highly highly recommend mohit gupta, owner and senior personal trainer from Transfit as your personal trainer if u r looking for some serious results in short time..

Miguel Fragoso

Owner/Senior Personal Trainer at TransFit sports services.

He has always been passionate about fitness and a healthy lifestyle, which is echoed in his personal life through football, running, kick boxing and crossfit. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Sports and Physical Education from Lusofona University, Lisbon, furthering his knowledge in becoming a REPs level 3 personal trainer and attending conferences such as Idea World in L.A. 5 years of experience as a personal trainer and class instructor has allowed him to work for prestigious fitness companies in both Portugal and most recently the Middle East. Through a detailed and personalised programme Miguel is able to specialise in strength and conditioning, weight loss and post injury rehabilitation. As a health and exercise professional he aims to inspire his clients to achieve the positive changes they desire.


Owner/Senior Personal Trainer at TransFit sports services.

Tk is certified personal trainer through IFPA level 3, CYQ level 2 certification, First Aid. Bachelors degree in sports science & management and bachelors in human psychology from Makerere University. Competent at delivering personal training to suit all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Over the years he has achieved unparalleled results with many different types of people.

He has an active interest in all sports, sound knowledge and understanding of nutrition, lifestyle improvements in addition to the latest training techniques to achieve your fitness goals- FAST!!

He is also aware of the importance of attention to detail and strives to deliver a first class services. It takes time to fully understand client’s goals and needs, knowing that what works for one, will be completely different for another. Keen to separate exercise fact from fiction, while constantly trying, testing and researching new training and nutrition modalities… but knows the old originals are sometimes the best. Always strives to “Be Different”

Mohit Gupta

Founder/Owner/Senior Personal Trainer at TransFit sports services.

He worked as Fitness Manager for Gold’s Gym India and working in Fitness industry from last 10 years now. Fitness & sports was his passion from childhood, won various medals in different sports at school and national levels & later made fitness as his profession and acquired various personal training certifications from recognized institutions like Gold’s Gym University, American College of Sports & Medicines(ACSM), ICREP’s and CPR/First Aid course and also attended various fitness related workshops to stay updated.

In 2014 , 13th July he met with horrible bike accident and broke his collar bone but that was not the end of his fitness career actually that was a lesson how precious is your body if its in the healthy state, it took him 6 months to recover after 2 operations and started from scratch. But he came back more stronger. He strongly believe there is no excuses if you want to succeed badly.

He offer various fitness activities but his core areas are body building & functional exercises. He is specialized in frozen shoulder rehab & slip disk injuries. He can offer you one thing that is guaranteed “RESULTS”