Mohit Gupta

Founder/Owner/Senior Personal Trainer at TransFit sports services.

He worked as Fitness Manager for Gold’s Gym India and working in Fitness industry from last 10 years now. Fitness & sports was his passion from childhood, won various medals in different sports at school and national levels & later made fitness as his profession and acquired various personal training certifications from recognized institutions like Gold’s Gym University, American College of Sports & Medicines(ACSM), ICREP’s and CPR/First Aid course and also attended various fitness related workshops to stay updated.

In 2014 , 13th July he met with horrible bike accident and broke his collar bone but that was not the end of his fitness career actually that was a lesson how precious is your body if its in the healthy state, it took him 6 months to recover after 2 operations and started from scratch. But he came back more stronger. He strongly believe there is no excuses if you want to succeed badly.

He offer various fitness activities but his core areas are body building & functional exercises. He is specialized in frozen shoulder rehab & slip disk injuries. He can offer you one thing that is guaranteed “RESULTS”