Sport specific training

Our sports specific programs will be customized for each person no matter what condition you are in or what sport you play. For this option, programs will be designed specifically for athletic performance enhancement. Training programs for athletic performance enhancement could include such areas as strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, agility, mental preparedness (including goal setting), sleep, recovery/regeneration techniques and strategies, rehabilitation, pre-habilitation and injury risk reduction.

However, the main focus is simple to make the athlete stronger and better conditioned to perform optimally in their sport. Our experts will typically address four main areas in a training program. These include strength and power, the appropriate energy systems for the athlete’s sport, position and style of play, assisting in recovery and reducing the potential for injury.

At TransFit Sports Services our personal trainers are experienced in sport-specific training and will work closely with you to develop and implement training programs suited to any sport and personally manage each session to help maximize performance for your chosen sport.

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