The Non-essential nutrient is a nutrient that the body cannot synthesize on its own — or not to an adequate amount — and must be provided by the diet. A person need to be healthy and energetic enough throughout the day. Body maintenance is based on eating healthy macro-nutrients, called protein, carbs and fats, are needed just enough to support energy production, recovery and overall health.

Body maintenance is what most people want because it simply means you just want to keep your body healthy, capable of doing daily physical tasks and possibly also to prevent medical issues. The meal plan a personal trainer uses for this would be one that is higher in protein and moderate in both carbs and fats.

Do not misunderstand. When we say higher in protein that does not mean the high protein diet. All it refers to is increasing the protein levels slightly higher than that of the carb and fat levels.

Our Certified Nutritionists can recommend you the best healthy foods you can eat to lose fat and gain more muscles at the same time.

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