Ladies classes

Strength training doesn’t have to mean bodybuilding and it’s certainly not just for men, weights have significant health benefits for women too.

As the name suggest Ladies Classes. These classes are specially conducted by our highly qualified lady trainers where the women can enjoy comfort, privacy and workout intensely without any worries. We have especially introduced these classes for women in Dubai as we respect the culture and tradition of the country.

As we know that the key to success is the combination of balanced diet and proper workout. The exercises that women most commonly do to bring out definition don’t really work because most women aren’t aware of the physical and mental strength they truly possess. However, once they increase their strength and start exercising like squats, dead lift, push-ups, inverted rows, chin-ups and curls, they become aware of their true abilities. So it’s time to try strength training.

TransFit Ladies Classes is also a great place to relax and socialize with your friends, as well as somewhere to meet lots of new people. We’ll keep you focused on regular fitness assessments. Each of our member is treated as individual’s and program can be put together to meet your needs and goals.

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