Corporate Wellness Program

As we know, in this modern era, more time is spent in the office than at home. Meeting deadlines and targets are inevitable corporate requirements that affect the “health” of the individuals, which in turn affects the organization. Perhaps this is why so many organizations are actively trying to implement Corporate Wellness Programs for their employees, in order to curtail stress and lower medical costs incurred from managing chronic diseases and stress-related conditions year round.

Corporate wellness programs are designed to nurture wellness in workers, regardless of the work environment. Corporate Wellness programs could be found in factories, corporate offices, large corporations, and small corporations alike.

For organizations in the Gulf, who are yet to introduce any kind of wellness initiatives, there is a great opportunity to step up and address health and wellness at work in a truly meaningful way that will positively impact employee wellbeing and result in ROI for the business.

A study of 42 workplace wellness programs in the UAE showed the following impressive statistics in relation to cost savings and financial gains and there is no reason to assume that programs implemented in the GCC wouldn’t also deliver similar benefits:

An average of 28 % reduction in sick days
An average of 26 % reduction in health costs
An average of 30 % reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management claims
An average $5.93 to $1 savings-to-cost ratio.

Health insurance is now mandatory for employers to provide in the UAE and if that trend continues throughout the GCC there will be an even stronger business case for companies to implement programs that can lower sickness, absence and stress.

Here are the benefits of Corporate Wellness Program :-

Reduce employee sick days.
Improve employee focus and productivity.
Increase workforce energy.
Decrease medical costs and workers compensation.
Boost team morale and leading to an increase in retention.
Get your team fit, lean, healthy and feeling great.

Transfit sports services provides employees wellness programs which will be an investment in both your employees health and your company’s future ensuring both are healthy, happy and balanced. We also offer one to one personal training with discounts for corporate companies as our client.

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