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TransFit stands for Transformation & Fitness. As the name suggests, we actively work on redefining 360 Degree Transformation and Complete Fitness as not just being a state of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing but also relate to it in terms of corporate wellness, engagement and productivity. Thereby transforming corporate wellness into a clever business strategy for increasing organizational effectiveness.

As we know, in this modern era, more time is spent in the office than at home. Meeting deadlines and targets are inevitable corporate requirements that affect the "health" of the individuals which in turn affects the organization. Perhaps this is why so many organizations are actively trying to implement Corporate Wellness Programs for their employees, in order to curtail stress and lower medical costs incurred from managing chronic diseases and stress-related conditions year round.


Why is Corporate Wellness important?

If a company fitness program can improve profits for businesses like General Motors, AT&T and even Forbes, believe what it is able to do for you!

Would your company benefit from a workforce that is full of hard working and energized individuals focused on getting results and available to work when and where you need them?

With Our TransFit Corporate Wellness Program Your
Company Will…

  • bullet 1Reduce employee sick days.
  • bullet 1Improve employee focus and productivity.
  • bullet 1Increase workforce energy.
  • bullet 1 Decrease medical costs and workers compensation.
  • bullet 1 Boost team morale and leading to an increase in retention.
  • bullet 1 Get your team fit, lean, healthy and feeling great.

Our Services

Corporate Wellness Program

As we know, in this modern era, more time is spent in the office than at home. Meeting deadlines and targets are inevitable corporate requirements that affect the "health" of the indiv[..]

Personal Training

Personal trainers at TransFit sports services are highly qualified professionals, knowledgeable, certified to a minimum of ICREPs level 3 and First Aid certified who a[..]

Group training

As kids, we loved to get together to play with our friends. As teenagers, our world revolved around our friends; oftentimes, our friends dictated our choice of activities. As adults, w[..]

Ladies classes

Strength training doesn't have to mean bodybuilding and it's certainly not just for men, weights have significant health benefits for women too. As the name suggest[..]


The Non-essential nutrient is a nutrient that the body cannot synthesize on its own -- or not to an adequate amount -- and must be provided by the diet. A person need to be healthy and[..]

Kids Training

Kids Training comes with innumerable benefits on multiple levels for kids. They boost your child's physical fitness, posture, concentration, memory, self-esteem, confidence, creativity[..]

Rehabilitation Training

At TransFit Sports Services, you'll find a competent and world's best - certified trainer in injury management for client/patient who knows that our therapy is unique [..]

Sport specific training

Our sports specific programs will be customized for each person no matter what condition you are in or what sport you play. For this option, programs will be designed specifically for[..]

Gym management and design

Transfit Sports Services core strengths lie in their ability to listen to your needs and turn them into something truly exceptional. We are forward-thinker. We are inn[..]


We have a unique way of working towards our client's fitness needs & we offer various diverse program choices customized as per client's need


Improve employee wellness, boost productivity of your organization and delivered digitally on a gamified platform.


Enable 20% of your employees to accomplish personal fitness goals via professional coaching services.


TransFit observes measurable changes in your employees health, fitness and diet by improving their macro and micro-nutrient consumption patterns.



Check out this list of Testimonials We have received tons of awesome feedback and suggestions which help us in improving our service long way.

Mohit Gupta, Age-28 years

These before & after pictures are after accident as I mentioned in my profile that I met with a bike accident on 13th july 2014.

After 6 months of rest and physiotherapy, I started my workout from scratch with very lite weights and gradually gained the strength and physique again. It was not easy to recover from major surgery but if you are dedicated and focused for your goals nothing can stop you. This was something I achieved within 6 months of gradual training and balanced diet.

I actually posted my transformation picture to show people that first you need to know & understand how to transform your own body before transforming others. If you can't change yourself then i am sure you can't change your clients.

If you would like to experience the drastic transformation in shortest time while learning excellent training techniques and balanced diet tips, you can contact me to book your training slot.

Raza khan, Age-34 years

It was unbelievable journey with my trainer mohit gupta, where I joined him at 135kg and in a very short span of time i reduced 30kg in 2 months and turned down to 105kg with very strict regular exercises and balanced diet guidance. Which keeps me with him for life long duration so I can maintain my fitness level and keep on improving and reach my fitness goals.

I will highly highly recommend mohit gupta, owner and senior personal trainer from Transfit as your personal trainer if u r looking for some serious results in short time..

Shoriq Parvez, Age-20 years

I joined Mohit Gupta from my friends recommendation for my Photoshoot. Challenge was time, which was very short and limited with me.

Within 30 days for hard-core weight training workout combined with HIIT cardio & functional training I was amazed with the results that someone can be transformed like this also. Hats off to my trainer who kicked my ass and brought best out of me in such a short span of time. Expert is always expert and personal training is 200% worth off.

Give a chance to yourself to see some serious transformation with Mohit Gupta and feel proud of yourself. Best trainer I can recommend in Dubai.

Badir, Age-28 years

I joined Mohit Gupta when I entered gym weighing 143kg. For 2 days I was just walking on treadmill where my trainer saw me that I am just killing my time, after observing me for 2 days he came to me and told me this will not help you out and described me how I can reach my goals faster. I thank to God that he sent me someone who changed my life 360°.

In 1st month I lost CRAZY 15kgs and it's not the end, within 4 months I lost 43.5kg and turned into double digits. I don't have words to describe his great training techniques and guidance.

I will recommend him to every individuals especially to those who are obese like me, he can mould you into muscles from fat. BESTEST TRAINER YOU CAN FIND IN DUBAI.

Reem Hawwa, Age-27 years

I have been trained with many personal trainers but never able to achieve desire results. When I started training with Mohit Gupta things were slow but he guided & taught me how body works & be patient, after one month I lost 3kg for fat and gained 1kg of muscles,changes were not prominent but after 4 months I could see a drastic change in myself as I lost 13kg of fat and gained 5kg of muscles

All happened because of my trainer who kept guiding me and pushed me to my extreme limits. Definitely recommend him who wants to get trained and learn things. "Today he is my trainer for life and BESTEST friend"



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28 Oct

Boot camp Training

8:00 PM - 8:45 PM UAE

Free Bootcamp offered to DIB card holders & employees by our Trainers on 28th oct.

28 oct


8:00 AM - 8:45 PM UAE

Conducting Special Functional Training Event by our Trainers on 28th oct.

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